Saturday, June 26, 2010

Vacation Day 8 !!!!!!!!

So folks today we came home . It was another long drive but not nearly as bad as the drive down. We stopped at Waffle House for breakfast , I had the same thing I had on the way down. We made a couple other stops including Horne's . We left around 9 and got home about 7 . It was a decent drive . When I was walking up the drive way though I fell really hard and am still kind of sore. I had a good time and even though I fell I am glad to be home . Later on I will post links to the pics and to the videos as promised.

Until Next Time .......Today a wild pitch !

Friday, June 25, 2010

Vacation Day 7 !!!!!!!

Well Tomorrow we go home . It's been fun Myrtle Beach . I would totally come back again some time. If I do I am hoping to be feeling a bit better so I can do more then I have. Today we went to Sonic for Lunch . After lunch we went to The Christmas Mouse Christmas shop. It was really nice I got a really cool Baltimore Raven Plushie it was sooo cool . I also went to a store called EAGLE and got a couple nice hand fans and a magic wiglee . Then my mom went to The Gay Dolphin and bought me 3 fairies they are awesome. For those of you who don't know I like fairies . We went to dinner at a restaurant called Rioz . The food was soooo good . As you sit there people come up to you with meats on swords and slice chunks off and give them to you. We all got sooo stuffed . Now we are watching Rush Hour 3 . We plan on relaxing and having some drinks for the rest of the night . Also going to have some ice cream too. Heading out tomorrow around 7 or 8 hopefully trafic won't be as bad as the way down.

Until Next Time .... Read 'em and weep !

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Vacation Day 6 !!!!!!

H! U! M! I! D! I! T! Y! Yes folks HUMIDITY ! So bad out there right now the windows are fogged because the AC is on in here and the humid is on out there . Well any way We went to Paradise Pancakes today for breakfast . Turns out it was owned operated and has the same menu as The Omega. I got a Gyro (hold the tomato ) and some onion rings . It was good but I have had better. We came back and hung out in the room . Dad and Nick went out to the beach for a bit . Speaking of the beach there was some strangeness going on out there today . We think it was some kinda Christian Worship circle or something . I got a couple pics of it. We where going to go to Jimmy Buffet's Margaritavill BUT they said it would be a 2 to 2 and a half hour wait and no room for reservations until August . We ended up going to Granny's Kitchen . We had a seafood and country buffet it was good . I did find the chairs to be slightly uncomfortable. Now we are back at the room just chilling .

Until Next Time ..... Kids are only $9.95 !!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Vacation Day 5 !!!!!

Day 5 every one ! Hows it going ? Good here . We went to the Plantation Pancake House again for breakfast I had a blue berry waffle this time . It was good. Then we went to an arcade and spent hours there . I played a lot of spin 21 . It was cool . I always liked the spin to win game and spin 21 is more or less the same thing but with a black jack twist . We ended up winning enough tickets to get some awesome binoculars , another shot glass ( the 5th one this trip so far) and a couple pieces of bubble gum . We came back to the hotel room and decided to order from this delivery place for dinner . It is called Pizza & Hot Wings express . IF YOU ARE EVER IN MYRTLE BEACH DO NOT ORDER FROM THERE . Most of our food got here on time BUT it took four and half hours to get a pepperoni pizza here. Nick and I also caught the end of the big fireworks display I got a couple pics of it . I also got a picture of a great sign it is for a souvenir shop called The Gay Dolphin. Well thats it for now

Until Next Time ..... DID YOU SEE WHAT HAPPENED ??!!?!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Vacation Day 4 !!!!

So how is everyone out there ? I am doing great. Having a good time here at Myrtle Beach on my vacation . We went to the Plantation pancake house for breakfast . I had a strawberry waffle it was really good (had bacon and sausage too) . Came back to the hotel room and relaxed a bit . Got another shot glass (4th one so far) a couple shirts . Nan and mom both got me beach towels . Mom got me one that was black with a gray dragon . Nan got me one that has Nascar driver Tony Stewart on it but it was an older one from his #20 Home Depot car days still cool though. We where going to go to this restaurant for dinner but it was super crowded so we ended up going to Mammy's for the seafood and country buffet there . Everything was so good. We had the same waitress from the other day when we went for lunch she even remembered us . We came back in time to catch Chris Jericho's new tv show downfall it was good. Well I guess that is all for now .

Until Next Time ...... they better send him to Los Angeles

Monday, June 21, 2010

Vacation Day 3 !!!

Wow today was great . We went to a place called Mammy's for lunch . It was crazy good every one loved what they had and where full when they where done . I had some fried clams and fried scallops very good . We also went shopping I got a couple good shot glasses to add to my collection . I also got a couple new cups that I been wanting to get . My Mom got me a really cool magnet . THEN after resting at the hotel for a tiny bit ( Oh btw we didn't change rooms like I mentioned on day 1 turned out that there was only 2 beds there ) we went to Medieval Times !!! After years of wanting to go I finally made it there . It was awesome ! We also happened to be sitting in the cheering section for the knight who ended up being the hero ! I got Tons of pics and vids . Also bought a nice banner flag thingy and another shot glass . We also met up with some old friends there we haven't seen in years It was a lot of fun. They came back to the hotel and hung out for a bit . They are also planning on coming back Wednesday for some swimming and stuff . Sounds like a blast . I am still kinda hyped about that show. To freakin cool . Well I guess I will go now .

Untill next time .... Quit the quilt

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Vacation Day 2 !!

Well today was a very interesting day . First Happy Fathers day to all the fathers reading this. I was going to take my Dad to Medieval Times but they where all booked for today so we got a reservation for tomorrow . I am kind of excited I haven't been to one even though I live very close to the one in MD . So any way more on that tomorrow . As for today we went to a pretty good restaurant for breakfast . It was called the Omega pancake house. The food was good and the waitress was really nice. We also took the time to dive up and down the area and look at all the stores and restaurants and attractions around . I saw a good looking arcade I am wanting to get to at some point. We then hung around the hotel Dad and Nick went out to the beach for a bit then He and Mom went to the pool , lazy river , and the water park all part of our resort. I stayed in with Nan and Mom or Dad depending on who was out with Nick. I really need to get the water proof wraps on my legs so I can go swim or lazy rivering . We where going to go to this place called The Bowery for dinner but for some reason the nearest set of elevators didn't work . It is a long walk to the other set and as I said before I have a hard time with that sort of thing . So instead everyone went out to and found a place that did carry out . You know subs and stuff. they brought back subs and we ate here . I had a pretty good cheese steak sub . Very filling . I also watched some more MMA this time it was Bellator it was pretty cool . I also got some more pics . Well as of now that is just about all so I will post again tomorrow .

Until Next Time ........ It was like that when I came in .

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Vacation Day 1 !

So after the long wait we left today for Myrtle Beach . It was a very long ride with some horrible traffic in VA . We stopped at Waffle House for breakfast . I had some sausage gravy and biscuits . It was good . We drove and drove and then we came to South of the Border . That place is crazy lots of shops of all different types and this Mexican guy named Pedro every where . They even had a sombrero tower . I didn't go up it but I got a pic ( I will post pics when I get home) . After a short time later and some oddness from the Garmin Nan bought we got to the hotel . It is very big not to good for a person with ambulatory problems but I am trying my best . Our room wasn't quite as wheel chair accessable for Nan as they said it would be . We will be getting a new one tomorrow . They also said it will be a better room for me too. I hope so . This room does seem nice but a bit of walking for things. Can't wait to see what I can get into tomorrow. I'll make sure to post .

Until Next Time remember ...... everybody freeze !

Saturday, June 12, 2010

crazy pets and motel 6

Hi every one I actually found something interesting to talk about today .

I recently heard about the new trend in china to dye their dogs to make them look like other animals . It may seem wrong to do but they do look really cool . Here is a link to the article about it.
I was thinking about this and had the idea to dye my dog Scooty (the red on his face was from spaghetti ) to look like a dragon. My mom told me he already is one .

Now on to other things . At night I normally listen to coast to coast AM as you might know. Well during it I heard a commercial for motel 6 talking about things being the new other things . I thought wow I did a blog on that .

Oh and one last thing before I go . By this time last week I should be in or at least well on my way to Myrtle Beach . It will be the first time I've been there so I hope it will be as fun as I think it will be. I will let you all know how it is and I will post pics .

Until later make some good progress .

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

May Quotes

Hi every one . I hope you had a good memorial day . Did you all have a cook out ? Maybe go swimming ? Yes as you might have noticed I am not beign as lazy as I was last time and am posting links again . But now to the quotes !

"I'm looking for a theramfrapicle lawyer here " - Pain

singing to the tune of whip it " When a zombie comes along .. You must slay it " -zombieslayer

"She didn't see Bret coming until he was aiming for the hole then she closed the door " Micheal Waltrip

Host :" cock and bull , skull and bones ,or dumb and dumber. George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush where both "
Contestant : *buzz* "That would have to be dumb and dumber !" -game show catch 21

" Collossipuss " Jerry Weintraub

" Death ! Tasty strawberry death ! " -Walter Bishop Fringe

" I'm like a bull in a china cabinet . " - contestant on the newlywed game

" We have lots more answers so get us some questions ." guy at the end of 1800-law-call radio show

" He shaved his shave " -Nan

"Live long and proster " -Bob Ginney GSN live

" To help reduce chances of brain tumors they say you should use hand freeze devices " Lady on channel 11 news

" It was all like EEEEAAAAAAAAAA BOOM boom baloom boom doom ... like a bah assident " lady on channel 11 discribing an accident.

Man 1 : " And here is what he rit ! "
Man 2 : " That's not what I rit ! Thats not even the paper I ritted on !" 2 guys form Street Court