Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Late Late Monthly Quotes

Sorry I am so late . There has been a lot of stuff going on here lately . But right now I am just sitting here watching a squirrel ( I am pretty sure it is one of the ones we raised) play around in the drive way . So now let me get to the Quotes !

" I don't know why she would say'd it " -man on COPS

" He beat me in my eye " -lady on Swift Justice

" It was not 24 hours in that day it was 26 and it felt like 48 " -Naonka Survivor

Chicago Gubernatorial candidate Rich Whitney's name was misspelled on voting machines ... they read Rich Whitey ( I know not a quote but still kinda funny)

" if there's a game on and it's not on at Looneys it's not on " Looneys Pub comercial

" you know under armor breaks the wind any way " lady on WBAL TV 11 news

" court my butt ... ummm court-martial" man on hourly news feed on the radio

" My porn name is after president Theodore Wilson " Chick on Jerry Springer

" You get to milk your own milk " - Purple Kelly - Suvivor

Sorry there wasn't much more

Until Next Time .... Submit your case !