Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Wait ?? Is that Jupiter ???

Hay guys sorry it's been a bit again . I know I know I keep saying I am going to post more and I was really going to try but then a bunch of stuff happened . You might have heard about the earthquake on the east coast then hurricane Irene and then the monsoon all within like a week that we had here in MD . We are just starting to dry out a little .

So lets get started !

First off I got some cool pictures from my friend Kyle . He saw Jupiter . He then took a zoomed in picture of it . Then another more zoomed in . And the last one is a bit enhanced on his computer . He was telling me that he has taken pictures like this that it normally comes out black and white . For some reason he got this colorization to it . I thought it was pretty cool so I asked if I could post them on here.

Now for some quotes !

" I want to reduce reduction in in goverment waist and fraud " - Some lady on the news

dude after stealing a car " I'm gona drive this mother fucker "
same dude after getting caught " The dude at exxon told me to drove it "

" Dave ! SELL SHIT ON THING ! " - Gail

" What !?!?! We don't have earth works here in Baltimore city !!" - lady talking about the earthquake .

" I did a 760 degree U-turn " - lady on Judge Alex

Well that is about it right now sooooo

Until Next Time It's a quest for fun !