Friday, August 12, 2011

Pirates Apples and Rock Stars !

Greetings readers . As I have been saying I am trying to write on here more then I have been . and I think I am kind of doing a good job . I got some pretty interesting ( and one kind of sad) things to write about today . So lets get started .

Well first thing to report I heard early Tuesday morning (read that very late Monday night ) . I heard on the radio while listening to Coast to Coast AM that a group explorers found Captain Henry Morgan's pirate ship in Panama . The search for the ship was of course funded by Captain Morgan Rum .

Secondly science has struck again . I read in my Food network Magazine that some scientist have created an apple that taste like grapes . They call it the Grapple . According to the website it gives you the flavor of Concord Grapes with the crispness of a fresh Apple . I am still not quite sure as to why this would be a needed thing but I am sure they had their reasons .

Thirdly I would like to take the time to say R.I.P. Jani Lane who was found dead in a hotel room last night . If you don't know him by name you may know him as the singer from Warrant . I Warrant in concert back in the 90's and they where freaking awesome . I always liked their music . Sorry to see him go .

Until Next Time Bouncy Boats !

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dear Everyone !

I am here and am posting !! I really am trying to get back into posting more . So lets see what do we have to talk about ?

OH ! The FBI say they are finally on the track to finding out who D.B. Cooper is . So that is pretty cool . Of course if you are a coastie then I am sure you have heard the shows they have been having about D.B. the past few years where an attorney named Galen Cook after years of research and interviews of his own has come to the conclusion that D.B. was a man named Bill Gossett. Who is now deceased . Makes you wonder if he was right and the FBI are going to admit it .

I got a big list of quotes from the time that I haven't been posting so I will post them now !

" she was telling not the truth " - lady on swift justice

" I got one question for you are you from the hamburgerstand ?" - The " Goverment Agent" on Operation Repo

" The closer we got to home the more he started to get flustrated " - lady on speeders

" Look at this I am making love to this meat log right now " - Marcel from Marcel's Quantam Kitchen

" The endtimes means the end of times " - Caller on Coast to Coast

" it's so majestical " - Kate - Kate + 8

" verbatumly " - Lady on Judge Alex

" that leg is gona be decapitated " -Phillip - Survivor

" you go to lunch you have people you fall asleep " - Donald Trump - The Apprentice

" you spent to much money on duck so now we got oars " - Lady on 24 hour resturant battle

" you get more honey with flies then you do with vinegar ...or something like that . It has something to do with honey and flies
and people and I like honey more then vinegar " - Lady on parking Wars

" Thats blargy " guy on parkin wars

" New York now has same sick marriges " - anchor lady on the news

Until Next Time there's a food group for each one !