Saturday, May 1, 2010

April Quotes ! (and free comic book day)

That's right ladies and gentleman It's the first day of may so I guess I am a day late on the April Monthly quotes . But before we get to the quotes I want to point out the fact that it is the first Saturday of May and that makes it Free Comic Book Day . Unfortunately I was unable to get to the comic store for my free comics but I hope you all did.


" They state that Pacificly "- cop on cops

" the dollar genit ....uhhh general car "- nascar announcer

Dickens : " I don't know Josh your alcohol consumption level is ..."
ME : " Over 9000 ! "

" You know what they say about April spring .. it brings May ..... thing "

" Air is a liquid " lady on discovery channel

" Super duper horny A++ " Chelsea Handler

Hope you enjoy this months collection and I'll post again soon.