Monday, September 28, 2009

you want the cryptids you got them

Soooooo..... As you man or may not have heard there was a ... thing found in Panama. They call it a monster, what ever it is it has made enough news that got on CNN. Well now that it has been dead for a bit here is another picture of it. Well this thing is very strange what ever it is ( some say sloth some say shelless turtle ) they are saying that it is not alien. So I decided to go and post pics of some other .... things .

I'm gona start with a local seamonster we call Chessie who lives here in MD in the chessapeak bay

Then there is this spiffy statue of the the Mothman

How about this guy Popobawa who is known to break into houses and sodomise the men .

Or this pic of the Jersey Devil

and this cute little Jackalope

a nifty drawling of the Flatwoods monster

Monday, September 7, 2009

A strange giftshop with .... strange gifts

Greetings and happy Labor day !!!

So today I found that the CDC in Atlanta has a gift shop. That alone I found odd but then I heard about the awesome plushies they sold. Personally I think they are pretty cool but a lot of people seem to think that it's messed up. Here is a link to the story . My personal favorite I think would be the MRSA plush looks to cool .