Sunday, July 26, 2009


Greetings every one! I know I know it's been forever since I been posted a blog. Well let me catch you up . I was in the hospital for a little over a week . After that I came home and was just finishing up getting better . I took my last antibiotic Friday . Lets see what else OH ! I had a b-day. my mom made me an awesome ice cream cake ( as usual) for those of you who think ice cream cakes have to have cake in them you are dead wrong btw my mom makes hers like a carvell ice cream cake. Those are way better then the ones that have cake in them.

OH! a small update on my crop circle post earlyer . I heard George Noory aske the same question of some one on coast to coast. I was like " damn thats what I said. " ... is George reading my blog ? if so a big hello to him ! And if not it would be cool if he did .

Sorry there isn't much really said in here hopefully I'll have something more interesting next time