Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Christmas Phoenix

                                               The Christmas Phoenix
                                                    By Darth Davin

Once upon a time many years ago right around Christmas time there was a young boy . The boy didn't have many friends .
Infact the didn't have any . One day this boy asked Santa for a friend . Santa laughed his deep laugh and told the boy
he will see what he can do. On Christmas day the boy went to the tree where all the presents where and he saw a gilded cage .
On the cage was a tag with his name on it and in the cage was a bird . It was a remarkabley pretty bird. A bird with plumage
of red orange and yellow. The boy named the bird and quickly took to being it's owner and friend . Within a few weeks the bird
learned to say a couple words . As time went on the boy realized just how smart the bird was it was not only speaking .
But was using full sentences and understanding the meanings of the words . As time went by the bird got so smart the boy
could talk to him about anything . The bird grew bigger his colors grew brighter feathers resembled flame . The seasons changed
from winter to spring , spring to summer , summer to fall. As fall started the bird started acting strangely . It seemed sick .
The fall went on and it got sicker and sicker . The bird stopped talking , stopped flying . Thanksgiving Day came the young boy
was watching the Parade waiting to see Santa . The big moment came Santa was coming down the street the young boy was excited,
so excited he almost didn't notice the bird fall over . The young boy ran to the bird but it was to late the bird was dead .
The young boy yelled for his parents as they came to see what was the matter Santa made it to the finish line of the parade .
Then something amazing happened . The bird burst into flames . The family sunned stood in silence watching . Then the most amazing
thing happened . The flaming bird rose into the air . As the flames died the bird said " I have been reborn . And as I was reborn
so are the hopes and wishes of all chidren hopes they will get a visit from Santa . Wishes to see a man in a flying slay lead by
eight flying reindeer . As Well as the hopes and wishes of all adults . Hopes for peace on Earth . Wishes of love and good will
to all. For I am the Chistmas Pheonix. And as I rise every year I bring good hopes , love , and cheer. "

                                                  The End

Merry Christmas !
Until Next Time pork chops and greens .

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I will post something more Christmasy later trust me

But this is important ! Every one needs to see This

That is all

Until Next Time Now Just 99 Cents !

Friday, December 2, 2011

It's been a bit

Sorry I haven't posted in a bit. I know I know I keep saying that and promising more frequent updates but I never deliver . I hope you all forgive me . I hope every one had a good Halloween and Thanksgiving and are getting ready for Christmas . We have our tree up and some decorations out . I got a Santa Yoda .

My friend Kyle sent me a picture of an apartment that has a strange dark image in the upper left window . He told me that there is no one that looks like that image in that apartment . It looks pretty interesting so I am sharing it .

I also found this interesting story of a Vietnamese woman who ages 50 years in a couple days .

There was also this really neat sighting of some strange floating lights over Scottsdale Arizona .

And of course we have some quotes !

 " he barrowed 12 $100 from her " - lady on Judge Alex

Somewhere something incredible is waiting to be known - Carl Sagan

" hospitals are places of healing not violence " - Man on the news

kitchen language translated. "behind you" = "get the fuck out of my way" "behind you, hot" = "I will fucking burn you if you don't move. Now" -Chef Shauna Fish Lydon

Why should we care if you are stupid? - Chef Fabio Viviani

Until Next Time Sausages For Sunday ! 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Wait ?? Is that Jupiter ???

Hay guys sorry it's been a bit again . I know I know I keep saying I am going to post more and I was really going to try but then a bunch of stuff happened . You might have heard about the earthquake on the east coast then hurricane Irene and then the monsoon all within like a week that we had here in MD . We are just starting to dry out a little .

So lets get started !

First off I got some cool pictures from my friend Kyle . He saw Jupiter . He then took a zoomed in picture of it . Then another more zoomed in . And the last one is a bit enhanced on his computer . He was telling me that he has taken pictures like this that it normally comes out black and white . For some reason he got this colorization to it . I thought it was pretty cool so I asked if I could post them on here.

Now for some quotes !

" I want to reduce reduction in in goverment waist and fraud " - Some lady on the news

dude after stealing a car " I'm gona drive this mother fucker "
same dude after getting caught " The dude at exxon told me to drove it "

" Dave ! SELL SHIT ON THING ! " - Gail

" What !?!?! We don't have earth works here in Baltimore city !!" - lady talking about the earthquake .

" I did a 760 degree U-turn " - lady on Judge Alex

Well that is about it right now sooooo

Until Next Time It's a quest for fun !

Friday, August 12, 2011

Pirates Apples and Rock Stars !

Greetings readers . As I have been saying I am trying to write on here more then I have been . and I think I am kind of doing a good job . I got some pretty interesting ( and one kind of sad) things to write about today . So lets get started .

Well first thing to report I heard early Tuesday morning (read that very late Monday night ) . I heard on the radio while listening to Coast to Coast AM that a group explorers found Captain Henry Morgan's pirate ship in Panama . The search for the ship was of course funded by Captain Morgan Rum .

Secondly science has struck again . I read in my Food network Magazine that some scientist have created an apple that taste like grapes . They call it the Grapple . According to the website it gives you the flavor of Concord Grapes with the crispness of a fresh Apple . I am still not quite sure as to why this would be a needed thing but I am sure they had their reasons .

Thirdly I would like to take the time to say R.I.P. Jani Lane who was found dead in a hotel room last night . If you don't know him by name you may know him as the singer from Warrant . I Warrant in concert back in the 90's and they where freaking awesome . I always liked their music . Sorry to see him go .

Until Next Time Bouncy Boats !

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dear Everyone !

I am here and am posting !! I really am trying to get back into posting more . So lets see what do we have to talk about ?

OH ! The FBI say they are finally on the track to finding out who D.B. Cooper is . So that is pretty cool . Of course if you are a coastie then I am sure you have heard the shows they have been having about D.B. the past few years where an attorney named Galen Cook after years of research and interviews of his own has come to the conclusion that D.B. was a man named Bill Gossett. Who is now deceased . Makes you wonder if he was right and the FBI are going to admit it .

I got a big list of quotes from the time that I haven't been posting so I will post them now !

" she was telling not the truth " - lady on swift justice

" I got one question for you are you from the hamburgerstand ?" - The " Goverment Agent" on Operation Repo

" The closer we got to home the more he started to get flustrated " - lady on speeders

" Look at this I am making love to this meat log right now " - Marcel from Marcel's Quantam Kitchen

" The endtimes means the end of times " - Caller on Coast to Coast

" it's so majestical " - Kate - Kate + 8

" verbatumly " - Lady on Judge Alex

" that leg is gona be decapitated " -Phillip - Survivor

" you go to lunch you have people you fall asleep " - Donald Trump - The Apprentice

" you spent to much money on duck so now we got oars " - Lady on 24 hour resturant battle

" you get more honey with flies then you do with vinegar ...or something like that . It has something to do with honey and flies
and people and I like honey more then vinegar " - Lady on parking Wars

" Thats blargy " guy on parkin wars

" New York now has same sick marriges " - anchor lady on the news

Until Next Time there's a food group for each one !

Sunday, July 24, 2011



I don't know where to start lets see . Vacation to Ocean City MD was awesome ( as usual) I spent a lot of time at Playland and won some cool prizes . And I would like to take the time to thank (again) my Aunt Bev and Uncle Mike for being awesome and helping me with stuff while I was down there .

I had a Birthday . That makes me 33 . It was good I had some friends over we hung out and watched The Crow which is one of my favorite movies .

Last week my little brother Nick broke his back on the way to work . He was in the hospital for 3 days and now has to wear a brace for 23 hours a day . We are just glad he isn't paralyzed .

I have decided I am going to try to start writing here more again . So lets see how well this works.

That seems to be all for now.

Until Next Time I just heard Bon Jovi

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

You where in my dreams again.

You where in my dreams again last night .
I was holding you in my arms .
We even kissed if I remember right .
Some friends came over but you didn't care that I still held you .
It felt good to be with you, to hold you .
We talked , we smiled , we laughed .
Then I woke up and you where gone .
I was in my bed alone again and you where just a memory .
I don't know who you are but one day I am sure I will find you .
And on that day I will be happy .
My dreams will come true .

I have been having dreams about being with a woman who I don't know and can barely describe . I never remember what her face looks like when I wake up , or if I even see her face . But the dreams have made me feel good . Above is about one of those dreams . Hope you enjoy .

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hay there you wonderful readers !

Hi everyone ! Lets see whats new ? OH ! I actually got an ebay account the other day . I know I am so late on that but yeah I got one . I been using it to find cheap Ogres for my Warhammer army . A couple of days ago I won my first auction on there . I got a Tyrant for about 20 bucks cheaper then the price from games workshop so thats pretty cool .

Today I found out is the birthday of the Twinkie ! Yes on this day in 1930 the Twinkie was created.

Now for some Monthly Quote Action !

" I can overstand what they mean " Naima from american idol

" I'm a red step child " - Phillip Survivor

" He literally has a mental " - lady on survivor

" I'm cooking out of my ass here " - Chef Anita Lowe Chopped

" Corn Pour " - Nan

" We live in an era where we need to be clensisized " - lady on some payed program
" This is so ridiculous I never been so assaulted in my life " - man getting arrested

" can you blow some jellyfish ?" -Ashly on ultimate cake off

Well I'm gona have me some lunch now ( seafood white pizza) .

Until Next Time This is something different .

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Holy Crap I been running late !

Wow sorry I thought I been posting but apparently I haven't . So lets see what to get into . First I been playing lots GT5 and Marvel vs Capcom 3 . I also have F.E.A.R. 3 on preorder . It comes out later this month . Then next month Portal 2 comes out . So yeah lots of good games all at once whats up with that ?

PAINKILLER asked me to help spread his new video around and I told him I will. So here it is . It has some pretty crazy stuff .

Some friends of mine and I have been having game nights too so thats been fun . We been playing games like apples to apples and scriblish and flapdoodle .

Now lets get some quotes out of the way !

" Hydroglyphics " - Buddy the cake boss

" those that do it the best are the best ! " - Major Ed Dames

" if you eat turkey that is not done .. thats cooties " - Kelly - worst cooks in america
" I want your mush mush !" -Nan

" You and Luke mush mushin togeather " - Nan
" the hull's made out of aloonamin " boat man on pawn stars

" fish aren't gona fly from Norway to China just to get gutted " - Christopher Steiner

" what English soccer club is the most expensive sports french fries in the world " - lady on cash cab

" we're all here because we're not all there " Steven Tyler

" whats with th juju bees on your ooo ooo bees ?" Steven Tyler

" you get to live with your failure ... your parents did " Shae

" what are you looking at you privacy rapist !?" man on cops

" rapist ! you privacy rapist ! die ! " same man on cops

" good bye vatos ! " yet again same man on cops

" and if you wanna do it don't !" Ian Punnet

Man : " she hit my shoulder !"
Cop : she hit your shoulder ? with what ??"
Man " with her face !"

" the future could be like Kyle Minogue , Kind of exciting but short " - Mark Stevenson
" When we woke up the next morning I was at work " - lady on swift justice

" you sleep with old men for cheap cigarettes " - lady on Jery Springer

" while naked with out clothes " Rod Daniels 11 news

So Until Next Time .... The insignia is right !