Thursday, March 3, 2011

Holy Crap I been running late !

Wow sorry I thought I been posting but apparently I haven't . So lets see what to get into . First I been playing lots GT5 and Marvel vs Capcom 3 . I also have F.E.A.R. 3 on preorder . It comes out later this month . Then next month Portal 2 comes out . So yeah lots of good games all at once whats up with that ?

PAINKILLER asked me to help spread his new video around and I told him I will. So here it is . It has some pretty crazy stuff .

Some friends of mine and I have been having game nights too so thats been fun . We been playing games like apples to apples and scriblish and flapdoodle .

Now lets get some quotes out of the way !

" Hydroglyphics " - Buddy the cake boss

" those that do it the best are the best ! " - Major Ed Dames

" if you eat turkey that is not done .. thats cooties " - Kelly - worst cooks in america
" I want your mush mush !" -Nan

" You and Luke mush mushin togeather " - Nan
" the hull's made out of aloonamin " boat man on pawn stars

" fish aren't gona fly from Norway to China just to get gutted " - Christopher Steiner

" what English soccer club is the most expensive sports french fries in the world " - lady on cash cab

" we're all here because we're not all there " Steven Tyler

" whats with th juju bees on your ooo ooo bees ?" Steven Tyler

" you get to live with your failure ... your parents did " Shae

" what are you looking at you privacy rapist !?" man on cops

" rapist ! you privacy rapist ! die ! " same man on cops

" good bye vatos ! " yet again same man on cops

" and if you wanna do it don't !" Ian Punnet

Man : " she hit my shoulder !"
Cop : she hit your shoulder ? with what ??"
Man " with her face !"

" the future could be like Kyle Minogue , Kind of exciting but short " - Mark Stevenson
" When we woke up the next morning I was at work " - lady on swift justice

" you sleep with old men for cheap cigarettes " - lady on Jery Springer

" while naked with out clothes " Rod Daniels 11 news

So Until Next Time .... The insignia is right !