Saturday, October 2, 2010

Monthly quotes pluss !

Hi every one . It is now October . I always liked this time of year . I have some really interesting things to post about today to go along with the monthly quotes that I am sure you are expecting . So having said that lets get started !

Lets start with strange weddings . No I don't mean like the " we got married on a roller coaster " type strange weddings.

1. Man marries Pillow
2. Woman marries Dolphin
3. Man marries Cat
4. Woman marries Eiffel Tower

See I told you they where strange . So now did anybody hear about the 12,000 year old structure found in Turkey ? Here is a link to the story on earth files for it . I find it to be amazing.

Now for the Quotes !!

"You never want to burn a whore " - Jerry Springer

" There's a lot of Italians in Italy " Nascar announcer

" You don't wanna do that ... I'll get weird." - drunk in a wreck on ice road truckers

" I couldn't grout a snail " Chuck Woolery

" We'll start a new martial art and call it win chun chimp " - Pain

Lady calling in to coast : " I'm at work"
George Noory : " You're a Wookie ?" -Coast to Coast AM

" Hi thees are my boobs lets cook ! " - Nona Hells Kitchen

Richard Karn
: "Animal that begins with the letter R "
Contestant :" Rhododendron " - family feud

" Gandhi didn't wear flip flops he lived in the jungle " - Jillian Hells Kitchen

Until Next Time .... Check that hallway !