Thursday, December 17, 2009

Its been a long time

Hello my friends long time no see. Sorry I have not been around for a bit . Hopefully this will make up for it a bit cuz boy do I got some cool stuff for you .

First let me say Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays . I hope no one has been visited by Krampus . I wonder why he is never in any Rankin Bass specials .

Secondly I am sure you have seen the crazy sky spiral thing in Norway. You know the Russian missile ? Well if not there is the video check it out very odd .

Speaking of very odd check out this what seems to be a fleet of UFOs over Chile

and finaly I am gona leave you with some music with the Symphony of Science .

I got something I am gona post soon I just need to remember to do it.
I promise I won't be so long again between posts .