Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hay there you wonderful readers !

Hi everyone ! Lets see whats new ? OH ! I actually got an ebay account the other day . I know I am so late on that but yeah I got one . I been using it to find cheap Ogres for my Warhammer army . A couple of days ago I won my first auction on there . I got a Tyrant for about 20 bucks cheaper then the price from games workshop so thats pretty cool .

Today I found out is the birthday of the Twinkie ! Yes on this day in 1930 the Twinkie was created.

Now for some Monthly Quote Action !

" I can overstand what they mean " Naima from american idol

" I'm a red step child " - Phillip Survivor

" He literally has a mental " - lady on survivor

" I'm cooking out of my ass here " - Chef Anita Lowe Chopped

" Corn Pour " - Nan

" We live in an era where we need to be clensisized " - lady on some payed program
" This is so ridiculous I never been so assaulted in my life " - man getting arrested

" can you blow some jellyfish ?" -Ashly on ultimate cake off

Well I'm gona have me some lunch now ( seafood white pizza) .

Until Next Time This is something different .