Friday, September 17, 2010

A few questions and a link to an interesting video

Hi guys the other day I heard some people talking about the educational system here in the U.S. and they said something about the 3 R's . Now I am sure you have all heard of and know what the 3 R's are . So what I am wondering is why is it the 3 R's ? I mean lets break it down

1. Reading : To me this is the only R of the 3 R's . I mean look R right at the front of the word .
2. Writing : So yeah it has and R in it and it even sounds like it starts with R but it don't .
3. Arithmetic : This is the worse offender of the bunch . Yeah like writing R is the second letter in the word but at least writing's W is silent . Arithmetic don't have a silent A . I don't see how it could be mistaken for a R at all .

So now that I have broken down the 3 R's I have a couple ideas to remedy the problems of the 3 R's .

Remedy 1. Change the name of the 3R's maybe call it W.A.R. This not only the right letters but also is kind of symbolic of the battle it is to teach some people .

Remedy 2. Change the R's . Reading you can stay being a true R but we could fit other R words in to make it 3 real R's . Maybe Rhythm could be one . It's a fun word for a couple reasons . Rhythm is in music class and I always liked music class. PLUS Rhythm only vowel is a y how cool is that ? The third R I am not sure of at this time . In fact if you have any ideas leave them in a comment I would love to hear them.

Now as I said in the title I have this interesting video done by Pain. It talks about the " Mosque" that they want to build at (or near) Ground Zero and how it is not a Mosque at all here take a look.

Until Next Time 3 cases to open 1 huge amount !

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pig's Blood Illusions and Bears oh my

Hi every one . It is now September and the summer heat is trying to cool down . But that shall not stop the strangeness I am sure . And to prove this let the blog begin !

First lets start with the rumors of pig's blood being spread on the ground of and put in the cement being used for the Mosque being built at (or is that near ?) Ground Zero . Whats that you say ? You want a link ? Well I just happen to have one right here .

Next we have creepiness from Canada. Need traffic to slow down ? Well here is a new idea . In Canada the government of Vancouver created an illusion of a little girl in the street to make the traffic slow down. a creepy ghost like illusion that as you get closer stretches out and flattens to the street. I have the feeling that if this may end up causing accidents . Wanna see it ? Here it is !

And since I mentioned it in my Title for today here is a bear .


If you act now you get this bonus video !

So Until Next time .... Front Back and In Between !