Wednesday, July 28, 2010

appologies problems and some coolness

Hi everyone ! So I have been having lots of computer problems lately . I am currently fighting my EQ2 trying to get it to work . I had to do a factory restore a couple different times now . In doing so I regrettably have to inform you I lost my quotes for the month . I know I had a lot of good ones saved up too
But on the up side I have a really neat pic of some kinda glowing orbs I got from Shae. Shae who sees spirits tryed to take a picture of three of them she saw one night and this is what she got . That pic up there . Yeah the one on the top ....I can't get it to come down below the words .
Well thats all for now

So Until Next Time.... Dance Magic Dance

Friday, July 2, 2010

June Monthly quotes and other things

Yes I know I am kinda late but better late then never so for now on with the quotes !

" i want you to come with me we and will rule the other planet " guy on next food network star

" I'm not talking right no because I got lips " guy on Jerry Springer

" He's got a bunch of kids what he needs is to get circumcised " lady on Jerry Springer

" You think you're higher then mighty !" Liz from true beauty

" I don't know what a focus group is but I have heard of an AA meeting " a lady on true beauty

" I take and take so many you can take and how much you can take you know ? " Salvitore on Hells Kitchen

" Jinx ..J-E-N-K-S " a contestant on lingo

" He does a lot of exploding in his shop " contestant on cupcake wars

Host :"Battle Ship , Scrabble, or Trivial Pursuit .Which colorful board game was first made in Canada in 1979 ?"
Contestant :" Pamela Anderson ?" - GSN Live

Plus I got some vacation pics
And some videos from Medieval Times
Sorry about the bold and underline thing I did it by accident and can't seem to undo it .

So Until Next Time ..... 10 foot ocean swells!