Thursday, February 18, 2010

Super Mad Lib Fun Time !

Greetings every one ! A bit ago I got one of my Mad Lib books out and did one and the result was pretty good so I thought I'd share. All words I added are italicized

Medical Questions and Answers

Patient : Doctor when I stand up I get a slimy pain in my brick . Is this serious ?
Doctor : Sounds like you have an inflammation of your tunnel . You need an Anti-aircraft shot.

Patient : I'm thinking of having my eyes removed . Is this a horrible operation ?
Doctor : No. The operation is quite pink , providing you have grand kidneys .

Patient : What are the symptoms of an overactive aardvark ?
Doctor : High milkshake pressure. Also severe pianos in the abdomen .

Patient : Doctor is it possible for a 249 year old man to have a brain attack ?
Doctor : Only if he doesn't watch his walnut and eats to much vanilla bean .

Hope you enjoyed !

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I have been slacking so much on this blog I know . Well I am gona try my best to post more often. For those who don't know we had a HUGE amount of snow the past couple weeks . On my fron't porch there was 33 inches in the first storm alone . They said on the news that other places in my town had up to 39 inches that storm. Then there was another storm just a couple days after. People are still trying to get dug out of their roads . It was really an amazing amount of snow . Here is a link to my photo album of the snow on facebook . I still have another pic on my camera that I need to put on there so check back later for it .

As many of you may or may not know I have been helping a friend of mine PAINKILLER1 (or Pain) try to get a show on satellite radio. You probably have seen some of his videos I posted on here before. Well here is one now . It is at the moment on the 6th page (4th link down) on google if you search the lady's name ( and if you search it and hit video it is #1 ). Please help us get more views to this video.

Well thats all for now I am tired and I have to get up semi early tomorrow. I really am gona try and post more on here for real . Until then c-ya !