Thursday, March 26, 2009

Darth Vs Scammer Round 2 ! (FIGHT!)

her: do u receive the money
her: i send u 700$
me: hell yeah
me: I got some ribs
me: some steaks
her: huh do u get the money?
me: fish
me: shrimp
me: crabs
me: all sorts of food for the cookout
her: i already send u 700$ dont lie to me or i call police to get u in ur huz i have ur complete details
her: to arrested u in ur huz
me: what the hell is a huz ?
me: tomarrow I am gona get 2 kegs
her: ok
her: dont lie to me ok
her: i will call police if u lie to me bcoz u get my money
me: are you gona come to MD to for the weekend and party with me?
her: i will call police to get u in the prison bithc
me: what the hell are you talking about ?
her: send me again the 700$ to me or i call police to get u in ur huz now
me: but you sent it to me
me: so I could have cook out
her: so send it to me again my money or i will blater u in the police
her: u took my money
her: send the 700$ again to me
me: no you gave it to me
her: fuck off send it to me again
me: why ?
her: send it to me again my money
me: no why don't you send it to me again ?
her: send it back to me pig
me: why ? you gave it to me
me: it's mine
her: fuck u
her: i will call police to get u
me: to get me what?
her: to get u to prison u
me: they can't get me in prison if you gave me money
me: if I gave my mom money they can't arrest her for it
her: huh copme back my money or i will arrest u
me: are you a cop ?
her: my dad is a cop
her: in san diego
her: fvi
me: then he should tell you not to give people money when they say they are gona have a cook out with it
her: huh
me: if your dad is a cop he should tell you what I did wasn't illegal
her: what?
her: come back to me my money
me: does it respond to comands like that ?
her: come back my money or i call my dad to arristed u
me: your dad is gona arrest the money if it don't come back ?
her: come back my money u took my money
me: you sent it to me
her: send back to me
me: I don't have any back to send to you
me: ooooohhhh you mean ass
me: like baby got back

did I scam a scammer ?

So I am sitting here and as I am typing this I am talking to a dumb ass scammer check this out .
NOTE: the names have been changed

her: hello
me: hi
her: hello
her: asl plz
her: hello im nikki
me: 30/m/Maryland
me: my name is Dave
her: cooL
me: and your asl ??
her: im nikki from san diego california
me: cool how did you get my IM ?
her: huh
her: ?
her: so where do u get my ym?
me: lol thats what I was just asking you
her: so baby wnna see me?
me: I do see a pic of you
me: you are cute
me: how did you get my messenger name ?
her: so baby wanna see me?
me: ok
me: let me guess I need to go to a website
her: ok sign up my link but do not pay i give u 3 show
me: and then they are gona ask for a credit card
her: yes for ur verification only but do not pay
me: well if you wanna give me a free show you can alwaus just do it right here
her: as long as u do not enter to the site u will not charge
me: click the little cam icon on the messenger box
her: sorry baby its locked bcoz of the link
me: well my computer don't use websites
her: what?
her: y?
me: becouse it is a new type of computer that I am testing out
me: and they have to remake all the websites to be able to use them with this type of computer
her: amm ok so wanna private me?
me: private you ?
her: YES
me: what does that mean ?
her: just send me 50$ then u wiLL private me for 3 days....u will watch me in my own site for 3 days then i give u private vip i.d member in my site its that ok to u?
me: even better idea
me: why don't you send me $100 so you can do that with me ?
her: SO U SEND ME 100$?
her: to private me
me: no you send me $100
her: what?
her: y i send u 100$ for what/
her: ?
me: y would I send you 50 ?
her: to see my show for 3 days if u want
me: well if you send me 100 I will have a nice cook out this weekend
me: and you would be invited
her: huh ok
her: so when i send u the money?
me: when ever you want
her: so give me ur details so where i send the money i send u 700$
her: its that ok to u?
me: hold on
me: ok here it is
me: 1313 Mockingbird Lane Elkridge MD 21075
her: so what is ur fullname
her: i send u by westernunion
me: Sir Arichibald Nastyface
her: ok
her: i send u now ok
me: ok
her: hers my details
her: nikki s.
her: ocean side california
her: hold on i send u 700$
her: now
me: ok
her: do u know westernunion?
me: I don't know him personaly
her: ok hers the control number mtcn # 129-861-0091
her: get ur money now
her: i send u 700$
me: ok I'll have a really good cook out this weekend thank you
her: ok welcome
her: that is 700$ go to westernunion now
her: mtcn # 129-861-0091
me: ok thank you so much I'll go get it in a tomarrow becouse it is closed right now
her: ok...its 700$ ok
she has signed out. (3/26/2009 11:38 PM)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The animals seem to be getting dressed up.

Greetings from here to where ever you are .
Today I am gonna talk about something I been hearing about on and off lately that I have been amazed with. Lately there have been a lot of strangely coloured animals. here are a list ( and links to pics) of a few I have found out about. If you find any more please feel free to send me any that you have found too. Sooo here we go .

I will post more of them when I find out about them.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Hello welcome (some info on me and some other neat stuff)

Hi every one I am Darth Davin (yes I am a Star Wars Geek). I am into many things sci fi, video games, cooking, and the strange things that are out there in the world. This blog will more or less be me talking about what ever I find to be interesting when I write it. If you have any questions feel free to ask and enjoy ! Oh and by the way my spelling may not be the best but I try so yeah.

Now on to business. Yesterday (March 22 2009) was the 20th anniversary of the Area 51 story so what better way to get started then a post about the worlds most famous secret base. On March 22 1989 3 people went into the desert lead by a 4th after he told them that they would get to see a " disk" they reported that at 9:00 (local time for Nevada) a disk flew up in front of a mountain and was there for any where from 6 to 15 minutes.

here are some links of pictures I found that are suposed to be Area 51 ( since I have never been there and probably wont I have no clue)

areal view

warning signs

hanger 18