Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Christmas Phoenix

                                               The Christmas Phoenix
                                                    By Darth Davin

Once upon a time many years ago right around Christmas time there was a young boy . The boy didn't have many friends .
Infact the didn't have any . One day this boy asked Santa for a friend . Santa laughed his deep laugh and told the boy
he will see what he can do. On Christmas day the boy went to the tree where all the presents where and he saw a gilded cage .
On the cage was a tag with his name on it and in the cage was a bird . It was a remarkabley pretty bird. A bird with plumage
of red orange and yellow. The boy named the bird and quickly took to being it's owner and friend . Within a few weeks the bird
learned to say a couple words . As time went on the boy realized just how smart the bird was it was not only speaking .
But was using full sentences and understanding the meanings of the words . As time went by the bird got so smart the boy
could talk to him about anything . The bird grew bigger his colors grew brighter feathers resembled flame . The seasons changed
from winter to spring , spring to summer , summer to fall. As fall started the bird started acting strangely . It seemed sick .
The fall went on and it got sicker and sicker . The bird stopped talking , stopped flying . Thanksgiving Day came the young boy
was watching the Parade waiting to see Santa . The big moment came Santa was coming down the street the young boy was excited,
so excited he almost didn't notice the bird fall over . The young boy ran to the bird but it was to late the bird was dead .
The young boy yelled for his parents as they came to see what was the matter Santa made it to the finish line of the parade .
Then something amazing happened . The bird burst into flames . The family sunned stood in silence watching . Then the most amazing
thing happened . The flaming bird rose into the air . As the flames died the bird said " I have been reborn . And as I was reborn
so are the hopes and wishes of all chidren hopes they will get a visit from Santa . Wishes to see a man in a flying slay lead by
eight flying reindeer . As Well as the hopes and wishes of all adults . Hopes for peace on Earth . Wishes of love and good will
to all. For I am the Chistmas Pheonix. And as I rise every year I bring good hopes , love , and cheer. "

                                                  The End

Merry Christmas !
Until Next Time pork chops and greens .

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