Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Horror Movies

Hi every one ! First off I have a Tumbler now .

Okay on to the main part of this post . I like horror movies . Yeah that was pretty much it but let me go more into it . As some one who grew up in the 80's not only do I like horror movies but I really like a good old slasher flick . Don't get me wrong I like zombies , I like ghosts , I like aliens but when I think of horror I really want a good slasher flick . I like a killer that is unstoppable . Some one that no matter how you kill him at the end there is totally going to be a sequel . You know he got shot 20 times already so what makes you think just because you stabbed him with a spear and buried him in cement means he isn't coming back . The best example of this is Jason Vorhees from Friday the 13th . This man is an unstoppable force . Shot stabbed burned mangled drowned buried nothing stopped him . You could take and attach him to a rocket and shoot him into the sun and he would use his machete to cut the sun in half and then drift back into the earth;s orbit on the other side just in time to land on it and continue his killing spree . Why ? Because eff you that's why ! Then there is Freddy Kruger no matter what you do to him or how you kill him all you have to do is go to sleep and you run the risk of running into him again . Then there is Michael Myers from the Halloween movies . He is as close to as unstoppable as Jason . Then there is of course Leatherface . Who would love to make a pot pie out of you . When I think of horror movies I really want to see movies with killers like them . Last night I saw Hatchet . This movie had great horror star power . Tony Todd (Candyman who as another great horror movie killer ) Robert Englund (Freddy Kruger) and Kane Hodder (Jason) . As the movie's website said " it's good old fashioned american horror " . Unstoppable killer lots of blood and guts and amazing death scenes. I highly suggest seeing it if you haven't already . I am looking forward to seeing the sequel asap .

Until Next Time Bring Up The Van !


  1. Jason did get shot into space....kinda.

    1. Yeah and what did he do ? He killed people ! In space !