Sunday, April 29, 2012

May Days !

Greetings folks May is fast upon us and as April comes to a close I figured I better get at least one Blog post out this month . So I there are some very interesting things coming up next month and I am going to post about them here along with some other things .


We have a lot of days of interest this month

May 1st Beltane
May 4th Star Wars Day  ( as in May The 4th be with you)
May 5th Free Comic Book Day ! 
May 12th CCRG Bout ( For all you local people)
May 13 Mother's Day 
May 25th Towel Day ( because every good hitchhiker knows where his towel is )

Now for some quotes !

" so now I have floating shards of dead flamingo in chocolate soup " - Chef Ron Ben Isreal

" I think the piss was great " Adem Lavine

" An optical conclusion " - Nascar reporter

Until Next Time You Better Sit Down !

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